Top 10 UI & UX Trends of 2020 you would love:)

We at DX Studioz picked 10 UI & UX trends that we think will surely stick around in 2020!

We intend to use these trends to satisfy our users’ aesthetic requirements and also provide them with a high level of usability. Let’s get started then! :)

Settle communication (UX writing)

UX writing is to settle communication between users and a digital product. Users’ tiredness resulted in the attention to communication with the user by means of hints, tutorials, onboardings, empty states, buttons and menu labels, error messages, security notes, terms and conditions, as well as any instructions on product usage to simplify complicated designs.


The world’s leading tech companies are investing millions into AR & VR development . Even Google and Apple has introduced their own AR toolkit to help designers and developers build AR based products. Virtual Reality (VR), on the other hand, is making the experience of checking out properties, gaming, and visualizing places completely different. AR & VR has just started as a trend and it will stay in trend for many years. Recently it has been used mainly for entertainment, such an interesting technology will be further used in sales and marketing.

3D graphics and Animations

3D graphic renders allows to present the product or services in the a lot more interactive and engaging way, it enhance the product experience. 3D graphic exist pretty much everywhere — in movies, video games, adverts on the streets. In 2020 even more brands will use 3D render models to present the product or services in order to emulate the real world (in-store) shopping experience. Browser improved a lot, which allows designers to experiment more with 3D graphics.

Voice UI and AI Technology

People mostly use voice search when driving, although any situation where the user isn’t able to touch a screen offers an opportunity for voice interactions. Voice UI is now at the center of the stage — the simple and convenient option. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook — have developed (or are currently developing) voice-enabled AI assistants. The issue this trend will face in 2020 is the ways to present the voice UI to the user and clarify how to interact with it.

No button & Minimalism

This trend was born by the flowery and detailed designs . Minimalism is one of the wide-spread trends in the design of websites and mobile applications. Moreover, since the volume of the information we have to digest every day is constantly growing, users now tend to avoid visual trash and choose interfaces that don’t require a lot of effort to work with.

UX audit

User Experience Audit (UX Audit) is a way to pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of a digital product, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for users and stymieing conversions. The goal of the assessment is to gather data that demonstrates where users are running into issues in order to come up with recommendations that will eliminate these problems. UX audit should let you know how to boost conversions by making it easier for users to achieve their goals on your site or software.

Interesting Microinteractions

Microinteractions provide extra insight and feedback to users that include things like interaction animations, color changes to show different states, and haptic feedback in mobile apps. Microinteractions can elevate a design from functional to exceptional. Micro-interactions are important not from a utility or ROI perspective, rather they increase the stickiness of the product and service and help generate positive word-of-mouth for the company.


Skeuomorphic design refers to the design elements that are created in a realistic style. Neumorphism represents very detailed and precise design style. Highlight, shadows, glows — attention to details is very impressive and definitely on spot. Neumorphism has already inspired a lot of designers from all over the world and there is big chance that Neumorphism will be the biggest UI design trend in 2020.


Storytelling is all about transferring data to the users in the best possible informative and creative way. You might see them very often on the landing pages as introduction to the brand, product or new service. This could be achieved by copyrighting mixed with strong and balanced visual hierarchy (typography, illustrations, high-quality photos, bold colours, animations and interactive elements). Storytelling really helps to create positive emotions and relationships between your brand and users.

Asymmetrical Layouts

In the last years we have noticed huge grown of asymmetrical layouts in digital product design. Proper usage of asymmetrical layouts add a lot of character, dynamic and personality to our designs, so they do not template based anymore. There is a lot of room for creativity as the number of options and opportunities when creating asymmetrical layouts are endless.

As designers we need be aware of the existing and upcoming design trends.

DX Studioz will update you for the latest trends be in touch with us:)

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