Our Projects

Our Projects

Landing Page

Our aims is to entice visitors and drive them further down the conversion funnel. Create effective marketing strategies to promote products and Services

Fashion Website

They wanted us to understand their brand in and out. We built their website which showcase their service and product at the same time.


Fresh Juices

This new redesigned on-the-go bottle is perfect to carry on and drink at every place you like. Its color communicates vitality and allows you to see what are you really going to drink.

Nuts Packaging

We used Distinctive colour palette, line-weight illustrations. The design solution successfully mixes the playful and tactile to capture the brand’s wholesome sensibility.

Premium Perfume  

Perfume is one of the most loving gift items among the masses and therefore the gift packaging of perfume is of utter importance.


Advertisers wanted us to promote their product with colorful abstract packaging. This packaging help users to carry it well and reuse to get recall value

Landing Page

We were suppose to design marketing landing page that help them to generate their leads. It is always interesting to work on challenging tasks.

Printing Website

They wanted to provide wide range of their product and services. People can book or send their file to get it printed.


They wanted us to work on onboarding keeping virtual unboxing experience that helps users get started with an app.

E-commerce App

A simple page with a minimal design focusing more on product photos, sales and discount coupon. Product filters make room for better navigation.